Monday, February 25, 2013

A Handful Grab of Victory

As i sit and read, slowly since i have to trip, relate and link, apply, break down things, and pull out the few hairs lefts on my head; and as i stare into nothing trying to make sense of the word, while ideas are racing in my brain, overlapping and giving me a headache, i look at my coffee table and here's my corn-flakes box standing with pride with Victory written on it with a size 1 pants upside down.
So yes, victory (with a capital V)  is represented as weight loss. I can't help it but laugh, and start imagining scenarios of how this victory is achieved. Oh my god, this is emancipation. Victory over fat.

But laughing at things do not undermine how serious this issue is, the use of historical concepts such as victory into making business out of women body image. Victory implies failure if you do not achieve this weight loss, therefore you are a looser if you are bigger than size 2. Everything tells you this, look at the ads around us, the machine is always rubbing in our face one type of bodies we have to live up to (or down to to be more correct, since we have to decrease the size) and then they blame us for not eating correctly or always feeling anxious about our bodies, and this is only one more thing to feel anxious about. These ideas keep getting more normalized into our social circles, fat is ugly skinny is pretty, and i am not talking about health here, i am talking about beauty only. I do realize that being healthy is extremely important, but i don't see  ads implying that extra skinny women are unhealthy as much as overweight women, anything over size 1 have become a problem. Take the name "guilt free meal" for an example, capitalism creates guilt and then gives us tools to conquer it, and here you go, victory, just pay for our products, we will give you the solution for what we normalized as a problem.

ugh this planet is just too much sometimes. and yes now tell me i am making a big fuss out of a cereal  box, over reacting and there are more important things in the world. I wish things do exist in a vacuum and that everything is there without an agenda (i am your favorite conspiracy theorist). But things do not exist in a vacuum, THEY DON'T and everything goes back to profit and surplus value, and a couple of other things

I go back to my planet of papers and highlighters now, and i will remember to actually look at the pack of corn-flakes i am buying next time and make sure it won't provide me with victory because i want to be a fat looser and if i ever want to conquer something, that would be capitalism.

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