Wednesday, February 13, 2013

About 24th of February - a day to look forward to

It's february 2013 - on a TV report they called 2013 the year of feminist anger, because of all the protests that are taking place asking for the "Right to Nationality" and "the passing of the Domestic Violence Law". For a little background, i lost track of how long the right to nationality has been in the process of studying, but i do remember the year Kafa started Lobbying for the Anti Domestic Violence law. More than 4 years now, everytime the law goes a step forward we think this is it, it will pass, but no, the committee takes it, chews it, distorts it, and then toss it away until we make a huge fuss about it, then the cycle of chewing and distorting starts all over again, while the violence cases keep escalating and there is barely anything to be done about it since we live in a sectarian country and the courts are bound to religion. Therefore not one case is treated as the other, and we all know how nice the "religious courts" are to women. This is one of the important reasons why this law should pass, because at least we know in civil courts our fight might be slightly different, moreover in the passing of the law and the extensive workshops Kafa is having with the police about how to deal with domestic violence cases, the social workers, the safe houses, and the lawyers working on the cases, we know at least 10% of this might change. The thing about violence, is how vague and obvious it is at the same time, it's  not only violence because of the religious courts, it's violence because they are woman. And that's why, You know you will sleep better at night if you know a life has been preserved. If you know that 1 woman is somewhere safe away from marital rape, away from a husband that puts off his cigarettes in her body just for the pleasure of it, away from being peed on, grabbed by the hair from the living room to the bathroom, away from being kicked in the stomach and then kicked from the 3rd floor to the ground floor on the stairs. Are you disturbed? This is not your favorite victim narative, but these are incidents that happen that we need to talk about, and those are only the nice stories we hear everyday, and by nice i mean there are much much more. We read, while we sit behind our laptops, sip our coffee and think that the world we live in is fine....
 Eventhough i can write about this forever, i will stop here to invite you to the protest on the 24th of February, a protest of objection to the delay in passing the domestic violence law. We are not in a stage where we can celebrate our rights, neither on 8th of much, or on any other day, while we barely have any. We are in a stage of mourning the women who died, and this is the purpose behind the poster above. Think of Baghdad, Mona, Sonia.... we owe them this fight, and we owe this to ourselves, to the women generation after us, to the ones sitting at home now, not knowing what violence to expect.

So what can you do: Post this poster on your blog, on facebook, tweet about the protest, be part of organizing it, most importantly, ATTEND IT, shout, hold your banner, and reclaim the street, show history that we are not going to stay silent against this system of misogyny reproduced everyday. 

for details drop me a line or email: 

We never know if we will ever get anything from this, nothing or everything, and all the inbetweens, but all we know that we need to fight, object, shout, protest, because we  need to start from somewhere, and this somewhere starts today and everyday we wake up while we are still alive, while we still survived this world. 

PS: the opinions stated in this blog represents me, not kafa or anybody else, just in case. 

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