Friday, February 8, 2013

My top 10 Gender Horror Movies.

There's a new category of movies that has been formulating itself in my head recently, it's called "gender horror". It the feeling you get after you watch a  movie and after it you are scared. What's scary about those movies are the gender dynamics between men and women, construction of femininity, masculinity, heteronormativity, and all these big words you hear often  whatever gender talk that is.  After watching the top 1 movie, which you will  discover eventually, i hid under my bed for three days, munching on nutella jars, trying to recover.

This is only my list, you can do yours:

10- sex and the city 2: a mix of fetishism, classism and orientalism

Yes nothing better than 4 white women going to "dubai" or is "abou dhabi" to live a luxurious life where they managed to fetishize every veiled woman, and give a peace message to the world (the oppressed victims in the burka - they too consume Louboutin - like us - you see we are not that different - victims of the same asshole: capitalism) oh my gosh.

9- The proposal: The bitch who is a bitch just because she's a spinster

Isn't it awesome, just to know, that under every female boss of yours, there's a nice desperate woman that is only mean, because she haven't found the man who will put her on the right path of femininity and magically turn her into the emotional lovely woman?! oh damn, you didn't know!

8- W hala2 la weyn: Lebanese woman don't want war?!?!?!

ok, don't hate me, i enjoyed watching the movie too, cried, laughed blablabla, but come on, putting women in this position of pacifists who don't want war, and who are ready to change their religion for "peace"  is a perfect reflection of gender horror, more like lebanese women gender science-fiction, well, now i am lost. *flash backs from our neighbors in civil war who kept cursing the "others" from the "other religion" and the "other sect" and the "other area" and everyday encouraged all her sons to go to war - all of us had a neighbor like that one, admit it, mkay*

7- The last samurai: rawr grrr

Bottom line, even the last samurai, was an what does that tell you about the world, yeah, PURE HORROR. Tom Cruise - more horror. *Cries from fear*

6- Mean girls: the teenage cat fight for pedophiles

Yeah, the movie says it all, all women hate each other, live to compete and are ready to do anything for a popular penis. burp.

5- The 5th winner here is a category (iron man, hulk man, fire man, hunter 
man, strong man, the man who could light a cigarette, the man who could pee, the man who saved africa, the man who ..... ) Insert any man and anything a man do, after it any word that has to do with extreme manifestation of masculinity through muscles, violence, destroying public property, saving the girl (oh of-course) war, guns, but let's give them credits, they are in touch with their emo-tions.

4- The 4th winner here is as well a category (the cat woman, the sexy women, my girlfriend is a super hero….) that include any image of a woman super hero.  the problem is not with women being a super hero, the problem is saving the world in 10 centimeter heals and tight VERY TIGHT pants that shows your sexy ass, and top that reveal your extra huge luscious boobs, oh, and the un-understandable - they either sleep with their make up on, never remove it, or take the time before saving the world, to actually wear all this make up. To make my point clear, women can wear anything they want, they can walk naked and nobody has the right to say anything about that, it's just the fetichizing of women in these movies and the discourse inwhich they are portrayed is the one i am being cynical about! ok! 
Anyway my darlings, even when we women are super heros, we are fetishized into ones. Sexy ones (whatever that means) so if you are fat, don't have straight hair, you are darker then "fairly" brown, don't have 6 packs, and 6 inch lips, bra size Z, keep in mind, you will never be a super hero.

3 - Snow white ( and the 7 dwarfs - and the hunts man - and the evil witch)

 beauty is:  white, passive virgin dead teenager, who have never been kissed, and was saved by an act of necrophilia.
The title says it all, but let's give some credits to the movie, the some “brotherhood” could've totally cited it as a reference of how "having sex with your wife after she's dead is for a good cause" she might even come back to life. oh but wait, the prince is white, and she's white too, ah so that was the missing thread! Damn - ah, yeah, and let's not forget the witch, who is a powerful, strong, widow and is always an evil woman....

2- Scare face: your favorite nightmare movie

Nothing, and i mean NOTHING, express gender horror better than Al Pacino shouting, screaming, shooting, killing, shouting, screaming, screaming even when talking, shouting, screaming I wonder how come he wasn’t wearing the T-shirt: that's what a man looks like. The trial to construct masculinity in a horrible script.  Horrifying movie, feminists, consume with l'exotanile, and don't watch it before bed, unless you’re going to have awesome sex after it, which is not possible. The movie is freaking scarier than the exorcist.

1- Gone with the wind: and so were my nerves.

Click any top 100 lists of movies, this movie is recommended, i don't care why, how it's historical moment reflected on it's present time, i don't care how, or what, or when! This movie made me cry from terror, horror, it was like someone crucified me, upside down! The crying victim, who cannot take a decision, in love with the jugolo who doesn't give a crap. YES, horror, terror, misery, tears. Words, cannot express. I have to add here, it’s 2013, first time I saw the movie was in 2011. I meant by the first as in the first, middle and last time. I am still trying to get over it. 

akh. good, now these movies had to get out of my system. 

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