Thursday, February 14, 2013

He got brains - she got curves a Nuts macho story

ALRIFAI Statement Snapshot from their facebook group
ALRIFAI Valentine's day ad

Scientist - Star wars fans - people obsessed with metaphysics - Rocket Scientists and co. Behold yourself for you are looking at the ALRIFAI time machine.

 Oh Yes, Your eyes are not deceiving you. This is a real Valentine's day Ad by Alrifai Nuts company, taking us on to a trip beyond time, back to the past , in their time machine to the BCs where Men had the Brains and Women had the curves. or is it the 2000 something year?

Damn it! we are in year 2013? so i did not get lost in a time maze and suddenly woke up a hundred years in the past and saw this ad, pfft, i would've totally enjoyed the music from that era.

I really hope i did not offend you by my ability to type, it must be a scientific breakthrough, i must have genetically mutated into some kind of a creature, a woman - with a brain. They told me 2012 is the end of the world, it must be near! but you know what, don't worry, i obviously used my curves to write this blog, not my brain, because i am a woman, so therefore i have no brain, my thoughts are derived from my ankles, thighs, belly, ass maybe and boobs.  Thank you for pointing this out, i always wondered why my head is so light, it's obviously just a decoration.

Blog above was posted yesterday 14th of february 2013.

Due to the facebook outburst with objection from various people and groups, Alrifai company issued this statement of explanation below:

"Al Rifai would like to point out that the Valentine visuals were not, in any way, trying to belittle the role of women in society. These visuals are part of a campaign that highlights the beauty of every nut and not our view on the role of men and women in society. We believe in equality, not only among people, but also among all our nuts ;-). We hope that you will be able to see things from our perspective.
We thank all of you who appreciated the creativity of the campaign, your support proves that it was a successful one, but in order not to offend anyone and to avoid any further misunderstandings, we have decided to remove 2 of the posted visuals. Wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day!"

This is a slight step in holding companies accountable for their discourse in dealing with both genders, and holding them responsible for the representation of women in their ad campaigns. 

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