Tuesday, March 12, 2013

pfft i can't believe we are still talking about this

Good Morning? No! A racist one. Woke up today to a video by Annahar, a "vox pop" about how the "lebanese" feel about the syrian refugees in lebanon. The video description goes as such
"We asked random people about how they feel toward the high amount of the Syrian refugees coming to Lebanon, here are the answers that we got..." 
 If you want to avoid watching the video for your nerves, the answers varied between:

- The syrians are causing traffic in lebanon
- The syrians are more than the lebanese in lebanon
- The lebanese became hosts in lebanon  and we ask the syrians to go back to their country
- The foreigners are prioritized in the country: Syrlankis - Syrians - Egyptians .........
- Inflation: everything is more expensive and all the prices are rising because of them.
- We don't have a problem with the syrians, but we don't have time for this now since we have our own problems....
- There are syrians everywhere even in schools (the girl teenager and the little boy macho bully: this should not be called lebanon anymore, this should be called syria)
- We do not feel safe anymore, we are too scared to go out at night

and so on...

When annahar write in their description "random people" who do they mean by that? when the videos are taken in achrafieh and sodeco? who are the random people they are talking about? Did they mean the achrafieh residents? because as far as i know, they don't represent the whole lebanese population, and achrafieh in specific has it's own history of conflict with syrians and racism against anything that is arab - of course the Phoenician royalty will have a problem with the syrian refugees. Because refugees are the other, so are the muslims and anything that is not so Phoenician or white euro american.

Also in reply for the horrific things that has been said in the video: Listen Honey!

- The syrians are causing traffic in lebanon
Are the syrian refugees the ones causing traffic? or has traffic been a big problem in lebanon since more then 15 years? I don't remember going anywhere in beirut without being stuck in traffic, way before the syrian revolution started! what is new about traffic?
Instead of holding the state accountable for not providing proper infrastructure for roads, and the ongoing construction work that is most of the time just useless repairing that they make tons of money from.....but no, we don't try to be critical about ourselves,  and try to feel better about our inefficiency by blaming it on the refugees.

- The Syrians are more than the lebanese in lebanon
And so are the lebanese in the diaspora. The lebanese are migrants as well you know that? Some of them are refugees as well. You know why? Not because of the syrian refugees, but because the economical situation in lebanon caused by the consecutive corrupted governments(that you as lebanese keep re-electing) became intolerable and the low rate of employment due to corruption and state theft and NOT the because of the refugees.

- The lebanese became hosts in lebanon  and we ask the syrians to go back to their country
Darling if the syrian refugees have an option to actually GO back home, they would, i am sure they won't stay in lebanon having to deal with how expensive lebanon is compared to their country, the attitude of people towards them, being homeless most of the time due to the extremely expensive rents , not finding jobs or way to make a living, and having to deal with the media bullshit about them, not to mention the trauma of escaping war!

- The foreigners are prioritized in the country: Syrlankis - Syrians - Egyptians .........
Yes, prioritized to bullying, being thrown of balconies, being discriminated against, being extremely underpaind, being treated very badly etc...

- Inflation: everything is more expensive and all the prices are rising because of them.
This one is my favorite. You think because of the refugees who mostly cannot afford renting a house because of the ridiculous house rent rates, and can barely afford food because of the ridiculously expensive imported shit we use, everything is more expensive? or is it because of the inflation we are in denial about? The inflation that is caused by the same corrupted government you are ignoring and blaming it instead on the syrians?  Moreover, what about the euro/americans who come to lebanon to just live, rent extremely expensive apartments, eat expensive food and shop at the supermarkets? what do those do to the economy? why do u think the rents are so high? because of the syrian refugees or because of multiple shit, such as real-estate being totally manipulated with no rules or limits?

- The little bully boy
I don't know what to say, but to question the new generation that is being raised up with our same rotten mentality. Making daddy proud i guess.

- We do not feel safe anymore, we are too scared to go out at night
Seriously, you weren't scared before? you are so lucky then, because the lebanese do sexually harass too you know, rob and rape.

Do you remember in year 2006 when israel was shelling lebanon, where did the lebanese migrate as refugees? Did you see on the syrian TV racist documentaries as this one? Did you see hatred as much as this one?

I can't believe the stage of fascist nationalism we are sliding to. I can't believe that i actually just wrote a blog to justify the syrian refugees in lebanon. What is lebanon or any other country but a space for humans to live in, if these people are not from the same nationality how does that make them less humans to the supreme Phoenician race? everyday statements like these come out not only from the media, but from people's mouth, i could never understand what's the problem with the refugees being in lebanon, or any other people coming to lebanon, the people are not the problem, the humans are not the problem, before lebanon was a target for migration these problems you are talking about existed, and they are getting worst because they are not being fixed, not because of the migrants.

 If there is someone to blamed for all of this fuss it's your government darling not the refugees that again are escaping from war, or coming to lebanon for a living because lebanon NEED the type of labor they offer. But no, let's not do anything about corruption, let's just blame it on the refugees escaping war. Do you know, war? Do you remember, War?

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