Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Well, Fuck Morality

busy busy busy - i have to run - shower - smoke my cigarette - drink my coffee -read read read read and simultaneously feel enraged. Facebook, twitter, and the social media tools - that are my link to updates about lebanon and especially the civil society in lebanon - are filled with posts about Miriam Klink. Making fun of her, objecting to her "3ohor" objecting to the way she's presenting herself and making fun of her for running for the elections. At a moment like these, we have to stop and ask ourselves a question, why are we annoyed by Miriam kilink? What exactly is she provoking in us? Our values? Breaching our morality? and how, just how can we be the "activists" who lobby day and night for their rights; rights to expressing their sexuality freely, and all the other rights bullshit that we get socialized into as activists, and then at the first encounter with a woman who is dressed up and behaving outside our moral values (whatever those are, and whatever morality means) we start making fun of it building up to what finally falls down to a macho gangbang of a woman! Now let me ask another question? How can we be critical enough in order to sort out what exactly is disturbing us about klink and all the others? Who do we blame in this media/advertising/art business that does not allow anyone fame unless they fit into a certain box of representation, a certain stereotype imposed by the media art scene? And how are we indirectly to be blamed for this social epidemic of women objectification? Will we stay in the vicious circle of misogyny that blames women for everything or are we gonna wake up one day and realize that this is how the system works and if we want to ever change anything, it's this system that we need to break down, not the individuals in it, that are like me and you, just going with the flow?

We need start getting angry for the right things! We need to start objecting to the disease not it's symptom. Miriam Klink is just one example, I can spend the rest of my life writing about the other things!

And by the way, you say morality, well fuck fuck fuck fuck and fuck morality and all it's agents.

إنتهى البيان 

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