Monday, March 11, 2013

Your Number One Guide To: Blame it on the poor

Well, why trouble our minds to thinking out the real reasons behind everything that goes wrong in society when we have a simple argument that we can shove it any conversation and feel we are making sense! Why don't we in every election, social problem, economical problem just blame it on the poor?

- The muslim brotherhood got elected : Blame it on the poor
- Sexual Harassment happened: Blame it on the poor
- Traffic happened: Blame it on the poor
- pollution - oh yes - dirt in the streets and pollution and  bad smells: Blame it on the poor
- unemployment: Blame it on the poor
- famine: Blame it on the poor
- illiteracy: Blame it on the poor
- patriarchy: Blame it on the poor

I am just tired of people shoving the poor in every conversation to justify the social dysfunction - i am not even sure about how fit the word dysfunction is, how would a society be a functional one? and is there any society that functions properly? - I am tired of blaming the poor for their situation, being called lazy, too lazy to get a job, for the muslim brotherhood winning the elections because they are "illiterate" (being illiterate doesn't mean you are stupid or you don't have a brain of your own to make a political decision, or that you don't know what's good for you). Moreover blaming the poor for every "uncivilized" act that happen in lebanon/egypt from sexual harassment to electing the "bad" people to traffic, to inflation to whatever crosses your mind.....

Yeah let's forget that we are part of this system, and that we reproduce it everyday and  let's just dump it on the poor, let's forget to analyze why they exist (saying they does not mean me and you are not one of them), let's forget about the binary between the rich and poor and blame the poor for everything they do, it's easier to do that! Why? Because blaming the poor would just entail getting rid of them, which is easy, give the governments 1 reason and they will act to get rid of them, throw them in prisons, kill them, who knows what else. But actually admitting and holding responsibility for being part of a system that produce these class dynamics, and starting to think further how we can actually break down this system is more tiring and includes making effort.

I do not claim to be smart, i seriously can barely walk without flipping 3 to 4 times a day or while talking blurt out the silliest most politically incorrect things on earth, and i don't claim to be an economist, neither do i claim that i am someone with no prejudices (and who is not). Most importantly, i don't claim to make an argument here, but i do think that blaming everything on the poor is very problematic. A problem that need to be rethought and reanalyzed.

At the end of the day, this is my space for venting rants that i come across from daily conversations that i find extremely disturbing. 

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