Sunday, May 26, 2013

Rants rants rants rants

Woke up today and the first thing i saw was a tweet about two rockets hitting "Sheyeh" area that is counted as "Dahiye". Goodmorning Beirut.  Initial news reported that those rockets were fired from within the lebanese territories from "Baabda". That was 7 o'clock in the morning. 5 syrian workers got injured - or that's what we got from the news. News agencies were not sure if they were rockets or not in the beginning. While LBCI was very sure about them being rockets, Future Tv at first reported that it was a Gaz Tank explosion; later on corrected the info. That happened within 2 hours, people got mad, everybody questioning what happened and why? what are these rockets and who fired them? Only valid questions due to the abstraction surrounding the situation. Until our beloved Minister of the Interior woke up, put his minister hat on and came out with the most surreal statements ever (i do have a chart of surreal statements coming from him including how many "heads" that they removed after the collapse of the building in 2012 - and by heads he meant dead people - and the Achrafieh bombing where he stated in a past interview that nothing is to be assured about the bomb threats, that exploded few month later - yeah i hope the whole street that got destroyed was enough re-assurance, not to mention the injured and the dead) and the winner statement was about today's incident: all of this is just to make a fuss! A fuss darling? Where do we start to understand that? The creepy clowns in Hamra street make fuss all the time, couldn't they just fire a clown on Sheyeh instead? did it have to be two rockets? This fuss business is getting a bit violent, no? Fuss! FUSS! and so, within few hours people calmed down and the conversation shifted from rockets to the lebanese women marathon "Be Strong". Upper class women telling us to be strong, running for us, wow i feel so "empowered". Your Prada shoes make us feel so strong darling, i hope it's comfy enough to run away from rockets in the near future! 
On a side note, i wish if women in specific stop telling me what i need to be: strong, achieved, bla bla bla. You are NOT the ones to teach us about strength, or "empower" us. What if i want to be weak and stupid and lazy and i don't want to achieve anything in my life, does that make me less entitled of coexisting with you or your Prada shoes? 
And here, everybody started discussing the marathon, rockets talk is gone. I feel like i am in a fucking David Lynch movie where the threads and shifts of the conversation got lost somewhere. But where? between the layers of our fish memory? 
Clashes have been happening in Tripoli for the last months, they are barely making the news headlines. I would slightly understand the alibi of Tripoli being relatively far from beirut (where everything happens), but Sheyeh is IN Beirut. It's 15 minutes away from Achrafieh, the place where the latest explosion happened and all of you were sobbing and mourning for days and days. Most importantly, we talked about Achrafieh, we expressed our anger and we acknowledged that it happened, it was not just an incident that people moved on with their lives after, it was an event for few days. Sheyeh rockets were an event for few hours, so why?
you keep bitching about Dahiye as a state within the lebanese state, the Hezzeb Alla State! well aren't you reproducing it this way, by not being concerned about it or the people living in it? And what happened to the Syrians who got injured from the rockets? we all know how shitty hospitals are in providing services for it's citizens, how about the ones that are not citizens. But no who cares? yalla moving on to the next sexy event until a rocket hits some upper class area where you all will suddenly be concerned. Lebanon is obviously being redefined on so many levels. This redefinition is coming out from our interest in what's happening in it. I can't believe how indifference travel from one area to another within the same place. What happened today only reaffirms that the borders of interest in human lives and safety is bound by it's location and not the fact that it's a life no matter where it is. Finally, not to mention that Baabda is a very problematic location to fire rockets from to Dahiye, but are we even sure it's from Baabda? Can anyone be sure of anything in this fucked up place? We never get any news about anything we don't ask for, well except for the 2013 this going to be just another thing that we will mostly forget and ignore? is this the stage were our fish memory is at its peak and we keep following the bait of indifference until we go back to a 1975 scenario? Oh you know what's 1975, yeah that's something nobody forgot obviously we just forgot who started the civil war, oh wait, aren't they the EXACT same ancient war lords running for the elections? 

Go away. 

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