Wednesday, June 19, 2013

No Thank You

Saida Yesterday

 what you think is going on. 

Photo credits: Annahar/AP Agency

 what's really going on is

Thank you jessy for the artistic touch

I am not going to mourn what happened yesterday in Saida, if anything, it's not even surprising. The minor incidents - the so called "personal accidents" that have happened the last 2 years lead to this, that's only most recent history,  where it goes without saying - the clash is inevitable. Because the lebanese governance system is built on a clash in the first place. And in a situations where i have to choose between one armed militia and a military regulatory army i choose to laugh. What to do? I have no clue, all i know is that the i will not choose between one politician vs. the other. One sect vs. the other. One militia vs. another. Not to mention Militia vs. State. The situation we are in now is based on choosing and siding with one group against the other, since there's this stupid idea that one group might delete the other. So why are we surprised? We are all part of creating this binary by simply choosing to side with one. So about choice, NO thank you.

Lebanese situation, creating surrealism since 1979. Competing with Dali all the time.

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