Wednesday, August 28, 2013

If 2013 was a disney movie

So if  the MENA region in year 2013 was a disney movie, given how rich it was with nerve wrecking news and horrifying debates, one title might not be enough - multiple titles are a must:  

  1. Pirates of the Mediterranean: the curse of the white savior (Syria) 
  2. Freaky Friday (Egypt every friday) 
  3. The Chronicles of the lebanese debate: The momane3, the leftist and the clueless (Lebanon) 
  4. Cinderella and the curfew: The army stepmother  (Egypt) 
  5. The Incredibles: survivals of the fascist debates -  endangered species (the whole region) 
  6. Bombed Away (the whole region) 
  7. Snow white and the seven drone strikes (Yemen) 
  8. Cars: when they explode (lebanon) 
  9. Sleeping Beauty (Jordan) 
  10. Marry Poppins egyptian version: tear gas in the bag upgrade 
  11. Beauty and the racist (Lebanon) 
  12. Pinoccio: The news in the whole region 
  13. Tarzan upgraded: The Nato (lybia) 
  14. The brother hood diaries (Egypt - Tunis) 
  15. The little Zionist (palestine) 
  16. DinosaurS (People on the news) 
  17. Finding Logic (the whole region) 

Fuck disney by the way. In case you are wondering. 

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