Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Flowers that Blossomed in the Arab Spring

This might sound insensitive, but what i am trying to capture here is the surrealness of the name, I read, watch and follow up on the news everyday and it shocks me that some people are still using the term "Arab Spring" when they refer to the horrors that are happening around us. This is exactly what i visualize in my head everytime someone says the arab spring, it's a moment of schizophrenia, you don't know whether to laugh or cry. Obviously it's traumatizing and this my way of cooping.  
PS: I have 3 other draft blogs of pathetic self reflections and self pity, of how this is not a physical war, this is also a moral war on all of us - who ever believed that something might change.... But you really don't want to read my existential questions and nagging about humanity.  Here you go, portraying to you the lovely flowers that blossomed in the arab spring. So please next time you want to say the A.S word, think twice and spare my imagination. الرحمة 

الزهور التي برعمت في الربيع العربي 

ربيع المدفع 

رحيق الزهور 

 زهور الربيع والحب الناتج عنها

رذاذات الندى الربيعية

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