Saturday, October 12, 2013

The universal nervous breakdown of peace (read as piss)

Recently there have been a video circulating around the world with a nervous breakdown shock effect about the pacifist peaceful Malala with Jhon Stewart, well a lot of what i want to say is written in this article MALALA YOUSAFZAI AND THE WHITE SAVIOUR COMPLEX....

Now of course this is not about Malala herself, with all due respect to what she have been through, she is not the only one, she is not the only girl who was shot by an armed man.

Everyday in Palestine there's a Malala, a hero kid that is threatened by an Israeli soldiers on check points or in the streets, everyday there's  girl who stands face to face with an israeli soldier while he's stopping her from going to school, going to buy bread, going out.....  Where's the right to education now? If you want to bullshit us about the "right" to education! There's a lot of kids detained until today in the Israeli prisons as political prisoners! Yes, 7, 8, 9, 10 political prisoners.... but i don't see the west having a nervous breakdown about it. Everyday there's an israeli soldier pointing the gun or shooting a kid a teenager in palestine, how come jhon stewart never interviewed any of them? How come those kids never won a nobel prize for peace? or a nobel prize for survival? But no, this is the simplest description of how this world works. The western media highlights all the stories that they want to include in the public discourse so they can use them to mobilize their political agenda and marginalize and exclude the rest.

So please spare me your nervous breakdowns and emotional crack down on peace; this whole talk about pacifism is getting me nauseous anyway. 

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