Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The new 50,000 LL Bill (a parody)

 So since everyone has been busy lately with redesigning the new 50,000 Lebanese Lira bill, given how horrible the design is, i as well have my own suggestion. Also, given that the bill is celebrating 70 years of independence, therefore celebrating history, i thought we might as well stop celebrating and start REMEMBERING our most recent history. 70 years of independence sounds nice, but if we add to them a minor tiny detail of 38 years of them in civil war, it wouldn't sound so nice anymore! right!

1975 - 2013 Do the Math

This design is not arbitrary. It is not only for my own entertainment, it is as well based on theories that says that a huge percentage of lebanon is built on civil war mass graveyards that are not being dug in order not to obstruct the so called "peace" process. In memory studies this is simply how forgetting is propagated. Thousands of missing people since the civil war has not return to their families, and just became listed under "unknown destination" (please read more about it on this link

The hummus plate and the dabke guy are by all means for my own amusement and should exist in every national paper if i may suggest. I didn't forget the phoenix but it is somewhere in the paper if you stare enough being bombed away in an explosion.

I have to add that as a designer, i was traumatized to see the real bill. Seriously, dude, taste is relative, but not that relative, you know: design basics, color theory, composition, balance. Let's just call it too avan gaurd for our own visual senses.

The official bill

My own suggestion

عشتم وعاش لبنان حراً، منفجراً، منشقاً، مستقلاً

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