Friday, January 3, 2014

In a trial to understand the present

I know the below words are much much much more complicated then a brief description in few words, but here we are, stuck in a constant trial to understand these big abstract words in a never ending process.


Capitalism: You want a burger?
You: No
Capitalism: But you like burgers, you like burgers, you need burgers, burgers are essential for your survival, burgers gives you pleasure, burgers are amazing, burgers are great, look at those burgers how delicious they look.
You (after you begin to grow the need to eat burger): yes i want a burger
Capitalism: Great, now we can sell you diet pills in order to loose all that weight from eating burgers.
And so on.


You: Liberalism who are?
Liberalism: Well, who are you?
You: But i asked first
Liberalism: You are oppressed
You: Me? huh?
Liberalism: You are oppressed and we are not, we are what you are not
You: But who are you?
Liberalism: We are what you are not because of us.


Neoliberalism is like a person who constantly binges in the neighbor's fridge then vomits in the neighbor's room out of gluttony and covers its vomit with a carpet. And then goes around to the other houses in it's neighborhood talking about how your room stinks of vomit. Then it try to convince you that the only way to clean the vomit is by covering it with carpet. Moreover when you try to move out of your apartment because your don't have access to the food resources in your own fridge, it shoots to kill (sorry for the disgusting visual, but neoliberalism is that disgusting).


Democracy: We are beautiful and everybody wants us
You: What about the minority
Democracy: Are you trying to oppress the majority? we are so beautiful you want to be us
You: But hey, you are bombing us
Democracy: You are a terrorist.


Let's use wom(e)n as carpets of neoliberalism, their bodies to produce for capitalism because burgers do not make themselves, and then sell them diet pills. In parallel, let's save them through democracy and show the world how liberal we are.

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