Sunday, August 30, 2015

Police violence is not new to women - a reminder in times of clash

Since its a rebellious moment, down with introductions i will directly jump to the heart of the points i would like to discuss here, and i will try to be brief.

Dear male "comrade" who was asking the women in the protest to retreat to the back rows during the escalation of police violence;

You are now witnessing the masculine state violence that we experience in our everyday. Maybe the police violence in protests is more direct - in your face kind of thing - but violence being structural take different shapes and forms...

If you were asking the women in the protest to retreat back because you are worried about them from the police violence, let me tell you one thing: this violence is not new to us, we deal with this violence constantly, and if it was ever to make us retreat, none of us would've went out of their houses anymore.

It might not be your first encounter with police violence, but neither is it ours. We get harassed by the police everyday in the streets, physically and verbally. The police members use their position of power in every governmental position they hold in order to belittle us, to evaluate our beauty, even to take our phone numbers and ask us out, and if we refuse and confront them, bureaucracy will collapse on our heads, and that's the least damage there is etc,. And the latter is the silliest example i can give you.

So you want to talk about police violence, lets talks about police violence. 

Let me remind you who dismisses the phone calls of the women who are being beaten up at home by their husbands; which in a lot of times lead to their death. Let me remind you who denies women accessibility to reporting rape by ignoring the violence they were subjected to and justifying rape in police stations by asking "what were you wearing" and "what were you doing there at that time of the night". The police asks women these questions when they are reporting rape! Let me ask you who do you think slut shames women everyday? Who do you think bullies our sisters - the migrant domestic workers - on the base of gender, class, color and race? Who directly allows their suicide through its policies against them? They kill our sisters, they complicate, harass, and patronize them similarly to what they do to the refugees. They kill us, they harass us, the dismiss and silence us.  Therefore this fight with the police is not new to us, if anything, it is familiar to us more than any man in this country (especially the more privileged ones).

To be fair, i know this fight might not be new to you - especially if you were a person from a working class, especially if you were poor, and come from a marginalized area,  if you were a disposable body for the state, but i am writing this to reiterate one point, hoping that maybe it will go through: you are now witnessing the macho masculine violence that is similar to civil male violence that is daily inflicted on us. You are now in direct contact with the power hierarchies - you remember those - the ones you try to blame us for brining up at the table all the time -  these power hierarchies  that tries to disarm you from all your tools by dismissing your needs and once your tone escalates in demanding your rights, it resorts to physical violence in order to silence you - this is what patriarchy is, it is how it works, how it is structured and how it functions among many other things.

 She who passes next to a police check point everyday listening to detailed descriptions about how the police member would like to fuck her might not be surprised with the level of violence they can practice. She might not be surprised with their thirst to beat us up, to bomb us, to shoot us, to arrest us. She might be afraid from their guns, gas and sticks, from arrest and death, just as you might be, but that never stopped you so why would it stop her?

The police violence we are all undergoing is a mirror that reflects that most rooted traits of patriarchy, from violence, to oppression to imprisonment to silencing and so on. Now it is for you to choose to see the correlation or to ignore it.

Now that your body is in the street, stripped out of all its privilege, and in a direct confrontation with power and violence, your experience in the public sphere is slightly similar to our experience in the public realm; so can you see now that feminists kill joy for a good reason?

I have a lot of things i want to discuss but i will write them tomorrow since i promised to be brief, and we all try to keep our promises, well, unless we are the state.

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