Friday, July 15, 2016

The Necro-structure of nowadays

It have not been so beautiful, the world i mean. There were always wars and occupation, the world have never been close to perfect. But the everyday life i knew/know went through phases, it became locally structured around death in 2005, 2006 while all the explosions took place in Beirut, but then it took little breaks. Up until now i don't know if I or anyone in this country processed that.

And then the revolutions started happening and death and imprisonment continued to mark the present.  I stand baffled by the violence this moment carry, is it me, or is it increasing, geographically expanding out of proportion? Do we just have more access to news via social media, or is it really growing? I can't tell with the haziness of the moment, and something in me is too hesitant to say why is it so important if it increases or decreases, the devastating part is still the same, people are dying when they didn't chose to.

I had my take on why some lives are given more importance than others during explosions and massacres, (link here).... but now a short while later, i am tired of this debate, it became such an archetype of a conversation, like a mimic of itself. Most articles are identical, different phrasing with the same ideas. Why the world feels more compassion with lives in france more than in Turkey or Syria or Iraq or Beirut, every single time. It feel like conversations are stuck in circumscribed banalities.

The death all over the world has been putting it more and more in perspective, and all questions are valid, but my nagging questions would be how do we survive with so much death news around and so little mourning?

Our days have become structured around death. We wake up to it, we sleep to it, and the political situation from which everyone stands is a volcano. We need to tip toe around every argument, at least those of us who are aware of how language and the way we talk about anything is highly discursive.
From Syria to France, to Palestine to Iraq to Egypt to the US to Lebanon to Kashmir, and many more and all the layers, complexities and specificities of each crime against human beings that is happening, how much talking are we doing, and how much fighting (which are essential) but how much mourning are we doing as well.

It is becoming scarier how our affects are being policed by our defenses against the power status quo in which any conversation takes place. Are we entitled of sadness in a world that constantly dismisses it for who's sadness is more valid? Are we entitled of rage under highly authoritarian regimes that use every way to dissolve rage once they can't oppress it? How can a brain fathom all the complexities of this moment without collapsing while its trying to cope with what is happening.

The excessiveness of violence have become a mega production that aligns perfectly with capitalism. Necro-Mega-everything and our ability to mourn sounds so juvenile in the face of all the political fights we have to take.

Today is a compilation of the observation of the necro-structure of nowadays that broke my threshold of absorbing witnessing violence.

So excuse me today I don't want justify where i stand from all of this, my political stance today is to feel sad and mourn all this death from years until now, i can't take the acceleration of everything including how we think of things and how we analyze them anymore, today i will give myself the space we all need to actually feel sad for this world, regardless of how juvenile this sounds.

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